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Industrias Beta

Innovation + dévelopment

We work along with the client, beginning with the product definition phase, detecting opportunities and providing solutions to simplify manufacturing processes, and thereby production costs.

We develop reliable production processes and methods, ensuring product quality and competitiveness. To this end, we use stamping simulation tools in order to guarantee how viable it is to manufacture them, and if applicable, propose modifications to simplify manufacture.

The design of an optimum manufacturing process is bound by using the least amount possible of raw materials, by grouping complementary technologies to finish the part with the fewest steps possible, and the possibility of working at high manufacturing rates, all under the premise of guaranteeing strict compliance with established product quality requirements.

Our vast experience in developing progressive and transfer stamping processes, where we incorporate nut-setting operations, threading stretched holes, riveting, etc., means that we can offer new solutions and provide value to our clients.


Polígono industrial betsaide
Pabellón C
48230 Elorrio
Vizvaya (Spain)

(+34) 946 58 46 76